BUILDING & FENCING POLES <br /><h4 style="color:#e5eff4; margin-top:-5px;">(Building, Thatching, Architectural (Lathes), and Fencing)


(Building, Thatching, Architectural (Lathes), and Fencing)

Application: Eucalyptus poles, kiln dried and pressure treated with Creosote or CCA, to SANS 457 specification, for use in building, thatching, architectural applications (Lathes), and in agricultural or domestic fencing.


Species Eucalyptus – grandis
                    – grandis hybrid
                    – saligna
                    – cloeziana
Hazard Class H2 – H6
Strength 34 MPa
Preservative Specification (Creosote) SANS 616 / (CCA) SANS 673
Min. Average Retention 100 Kg/m3 (H4) / 12 Kg/m3 (H4)
Min. Preservative Penetration 13 mm (H4) / 13 mm (H4)