Netting & Vineyard Structures <br /><h4 style="color:#e5eff4; margin-top:-5px;">(Vineyard & Fruit Orchards)

Netting & Vineyard Structures

(Vineyard & Fruit Orchards)

Application: Eucalyptus poles, kiln dried and pressure treated with Creosote or CCA, to SANS 457 specification, for use in vineyard or fruit orchard trellising.

Species Eucalyptus Grandis
Hazard Class H3 – H5
Strength 34 MPa
Preservative Specification (Creosote)SANS 616 (CCA)SANS 673
Min. Avarage Retention 100 Kg/m3 (H4) 12 Kg/m3 (H4)
Min. Preservative Penetration 12 mm (H4) 12 mm (H4)